About Saint James’

Local Episcopalians met on October 30, 1876 at the Marquand Hotel in downtown Texarkana to organize this congregation.  The first parish official meeting was held April 2, 1877.  Citizens of all faiths contributed funds for the first church building, erected on property donated by the Texas and Pacific Railroad.  A second edifice, built in 1893-94, was altered and enlarged in 1910 and again in 1926.  St. James has established or supported at least seven other churches in this area.  This parish pioneered in and continues to aid to the elderly and other community services. The parish started Hospice of Texarkana and Meals on Wheels as well as Randy Sams Outreach Shelter for the homeless, now all seperate self governing community service Christian ministries. St. James Church is recognized as a historical site by the Texas State Historical Society and the state of Texas.

We are a thriving, growing community of believers dedicated to living a communal spiritual life,  reading the Scriptures, continuing in the breaking of bread and the practicing the teachings of the apostles, as handed down to us through the ages in the traditions and teachings of God’s one, holy, catholic and apostolic Church.