Our Mission

Mission statement

We seek to restore all people to God, and to each other, through sacramental worship and Christ-like living.


St James’ Church is committed to excellence in ministry, building on these foundational values:

Under the Lordship of Jesus Christ,

  1. We are committed to a catholic expression of the Anglican tradition.  We value our membership in the worldwide Anglican Communion.
  2. We are worship-centered, and place a high value on excellence in liturgy, music and preaching as the primary manner of Christian formation.
  3. We are pastorally connected.  We give and receive pastoral care as individual Christians, and through the various groups which minister here.  We value the quality of our common life.
  4. We are a learning church.  Through Christian education for all ages, we seek to know the mind and will of God.
  5. We reach out to our community, both as a parish and as individual Christians, seeking to show the love of Christ to all, and to welcome others into his Kingdom.