Music at Saint James’

“…and sing Psalms and Hymns and Spiritual Songs with thankfulness in your hearts to God.”

So Saint Paul has written in his Epistle to the Colossian Church. And we do likewise at each Liturgy here at Saint James’.  Congregational singing of the Hymns, Psalms and Canticles is an essential part of Anglican worship, and the people of this parish do it well. Along with the music of the people, however, we can also offer other music of great intellectual, spiritual and artistic worth. This is where our Choirs and our Bell Ensemble are involved:

THE PARISH CHOIR: This important choral group assists on a nearly weekly basis in the proclamation of the Gospel in song, helping to lead the congregation, and singing the Psalm of the day. The Saint James’ Choir performs weekly from September through May each year, and typically takes the summers off. No formal training is required to join the Choir, and we invite you to join us for great music, fellowship, and fun. For more information, please contact Andrew Clark, or call the parish office.

Rehearsal Schedule:
We typically rehearse on Wednesday evenings following Mass and supper, from 6:30 – 8:00. On weeks where Wednesday nights are in recess, we usually rehearse from 6:00-7:30.

Sacred Musical Performances:  If you would like to listen to our music, click here.


The Organ

Saint James’ is blessed to have a beautiful pipe organ for use during our worship.  Our organ, designed and built by the Reuter Organ Company, is titled Opus  No. 2238, and consists of 2 Manuals and 30 Ranks.  For the full details of the voicing of the organ, see Reuter-Organ-Op-2238.

The current organ was completed in 2009, and first played at the Easter Vigil, 2009.  It replaced an older instrument whose principal parts dated back to 1921.  A major reworking of the instrument was completed in 1981.   During 2009, a total of 424 pipes from the older instruments were re-worked and incorporated into the new organ, continuing the legacy of the original instrument.